Chok Ooi

Geekuent Flyer

Chok is the CEO of AgilityIO (, a software innovation company, and an angel investor. Chok is also mentor at 500 Startups. Chok built trading systems for Wall Street banks and ran Agile teams for Bay Area startups. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Chok has gone beyond the technical aspects of his work to foster cooperation between business and technology. In 2011, he founded AgilityIO with a team of like-minded individuals to solve the talent crunch in Silicon Valley, and had grown the company to over 180 globally within the span of five years.

Prior to this, Chok led teams at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Bank of America. Chok also worked for Silicon Valley startup Loopt and was previously CTO of AZAP Mobile and Head of Web and Mobile Solutions at Selerity.

Chok enjoys discovering the latest tech and startup trends and meeting people in the field at various conferences around the globe. In recent years, he has traveled extensively and met entrepreneurs across the U.S. and also in Asia and the Middle East. Chok has shared his experience at the Echelon Malaysia Conference 2014, with students at Wharton School of Business and also several educational institutions in Malaysia. He was a speaker at the Malaysia Forum 2014 in New York and was profiled on Astro Awani’s program, “Life in the Valley, the Digital Gold Rush.”