Keith Jones

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Keith Jones has over thirty years experience in the technology markets. He spent thirteen years consulting to large financial institutions, such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Scandinavian Bank, UBS, EEC Headquarters around Europe. He started his own technology business intelligence business in South Africa in 1997. The business became the largest financial reporting business in the region and subsequently the leading business intelligence business in it’s sector in Africa. After listing on AIM on the London Stock Exchange it became the largest IBM Business Intelligence business in EMEA. Keith exited the business in 2009 and rode his motorbike from Cape Town to Cairo before launching Sw7 (Start with Seven) with his partner, Odette Jones. Sw7 is now the largest technology accelerator in Africa, with over 100 Mentors and 200 businesses that have been engaged. Sw7 ran the first Fintech Accelerator in Africa and work with Standard Bank, the largest bank in Africa, RMI, the holding company and fund for the third largest bank in Africa and MMI, the holding company and fund for the the London Listed Insurance Company.
Tech Startups, Founders & Developers Africa is the largest tech startup group in Africa on LI with over 4.3K members
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