Paul Ark

Managing Director
Digital Ventures
Africa Geek

Paul spent the first decade of his career as an M&A banker in Thailand, Singapore, New York and Hong Kong (boring!) before doing a short stint as a corporate venture capitalist for a software company in Silicon Valley (not bad!) before landing a 10-year gig scouting out locations in China to open up department stores, Apple flagship stores, and Microsoft stores (interesting!), and eventually segued into angel investing and startup mentoring (very interesting!). He eventually wound up back in Bangkok where he is managing a fintech corporate VC fund to help a large Thai commercial bank navigate this crazy fintech disruption wave (absolutely kick ass!).

When not flying around the world doing this sexy fintechy stuff, Paul helps run the Amazing Maasai Girls Project (, a U.S.-based 501c3 non-profit striving to fight child marriage and improve the economic prospects of Maasai girls in Kenya by sponsoring scholarships to high school (over US$180,000 in net scholarship funds raised, 60+ girls sponsored!). He also likes to travel around the world looking for interesting half marathons (15 completed in 9 countries).

Fun fact: he can be bribed/bought/influenced for Star Wars paraphernalia and/or LEGOS, and for Star Wars LEGOs, he will even help you bury a body.