Harry van der Veen

East Asia Geek

Harry van der Veen, is the co-founder and award-winning CEO of NUITEQ®, an innovative Swedish edtech software developer that creates collaborative user interfaces for touch screens in classrooms.

He was one of the first people in the world, that had engineered a prototype of a multi-user multitouch display, during his studies in Holland, back in 2006 before the launch of the Apple iPhone.

The Luleå Technical University in Sweden invited Harry, to work on a multitouch technology centered graduation project, together with several local students.

During the graduation project, after significant global commercial interest for the project, he co-founded the company NUITEQ®.

After having completed his graduation project in Sweden successfully, Harry was awarded a Bachelor degree in Multimedia as part of the education program Communication, Multimedia & Design.

His passion for Human Computer Interaction and his bold vision that collaborative touchscreen technology would revolutionise the way people interact with content, made him emigrate from Holland to Sweden.

Today NUITEQ® has raised multiple rounds of venture capital and has offices in Sweden, India and Silicon Valley. The company has customers in over 70 countries and its customers and partners include Lenovo, 3M, NEC, Ericsson, Accenture and General Electric.

In his free time, Harry enjoys the outdoors, traveling, food, reading, watching tv shows, movies and documentaries.