Olivier Amar

CEO & Co-Founder
East Asia Geek

Over the last 5 years, I’ve gone from VP marketing of a startup that specialized in Archaeological stock photography where I was the driving force behind the design, marketing, business model and overall direction of the company. It’s the place I got my first taste of internet marketing and realized that although offline marketing will always have a very important place, the internet will be the driving force behind online conversions and ROI.

Having been thoroughly bitten by the SEO /SEM / Internet Marketing bug at S&P, I followed the agency that had helped us create our online Internet strategy and went to work at Compucall Web Marketing for almost 2 years. There I had the incredible opportunity of learning the world of online marketing as it applies to multiple online verticals. I worked with Companies such as EL AL airlines, AIG insurance, Microsoft (Redmond) and many others and our strategy was an integral part of the online marketing efforts and usually a big part of their internet revenue and ROI. Working with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Analytics, Viral Campaigns, Website Optimization and led me to understand that no one solution was the end all and that most of the time a comprehensive holistic approach must be taken to succeed.

Moving past Compucall I took on two initiatives at once. The heading of SEO for both Harrah’s Hotels and Casinos and the World Series of Poker and it’s community of Sites through Whiteweb and setting up my own personal initiative called PointUp Media. Both have had their level of successes.

2011 was my year in the Forex. I took over as Chief Marketing Officer for UFXbank and UFXmarkets. In my time with the company I revenues rose by over 300%. I took a small marketing department of only 7 people and grew it to 21, adding in-house analytics, SEM and a structured media department.

Today I lead MyPermissions to try and bring order and control to applications access to user information in the cloud