Ryota Matsuzaki

Founder & Chief Momotaro
Kibidango, Inc.
East Asia Geek

Ryota Matsuzaki is founder and Chief Momotaro at Kibidango, Inc. Kibidango is a leading Japanese crowdfunding service with an e-commerce focus to close the gap between creators willing to bring new ideas into life and consumers who are willing to help fund such ideas to receive rewards that they cannot get otherwise.

Prior to starting Kibidango, he was the 93rd employee at Rakuten where he spent 11 years as an executive leading its corporate development activities. Through his role, he was able to identify innovative businesses and successfully rolling them into the group through investments and acquisitions, expanding the group’s ecosystem at a global scale. His last position at Rakuten was Head of Internet Marketing Business and Head of Strategic Planning, after spending three years in Boston where he led its US expansion effort as Senior Vice President of Rakuten USA.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Rakuten is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive Internet companies in the Internet industry, providing leading services in e-commerce, travel, and financial services. Ryota played central role in many of its major acquisitions, including the acquisition of LinkShare and Buy.com, among others with more than $2 billion in total investments in which he has directly led or worked on.

Prior to Rakuten, he worked as an investment banker at the Industrial Bank of Japan. He received his MBA from Cornell University and BA in economics from Keio University. He currently lives in Tokyo with his wife Haruna and son Shota. He’s an avid music lover who used to play violin in an amateur orchestra, game player and loves backing projects on Kickstarter more than anything.