You Got Questions, We Got ... Bad Jokes (& Some Answers)

A lot of people ask us how Geeks on a Plane (GOAP) works. We wish we could say “magic”, but the truth is that there’s a lot of research, networking, coordination, juggling, puzzle-solving, and other circus acts involved in creating a successful GOAP tour. So, here’s a peek at what happens backstage…

For A Regular GOAP Tour: We get hundreds of applications. We then sort through applications & select a group of diverse “geeks” who hail from all corners of the globe and all walks of tech…startup entrepreneurs, investors, developers, designers, product managers, marketers, executives, and press. At the same time, we’re researching & identifying the “connectors” – the most relevant & innovative startups, investors, and networking groups in each city we’re touring. We then build an agenda in partnership with these connectors that includes tech conferences, startup visits, community meetups, investor dinners, and shared cultural explorations. Finally, the geeks travel together on planes, trains, & automobiles throughout the tour, meeting with more than 1,000 local tech players over the course of GOAP. It truly is a life-changing experience, and one that has tangible, long-term results.

For A Private GOAP Tour: We partner with highly motivated stakeholders (government organizations, trade associations, investor groups, corporate entities, etc.) to bring Geeks on a Plane to their respective locations. We collaborate on all aspects of the program—identifying & inviting a targeted, top-tier group of investors & entrepreneurs, consulting on agenda curation, recruiting local participation, coordinating press conferences, & sharing our GOAP plans with our 400,000+ twitter followers worldwide.

For more info on private GOAP tours, contact Cristina Manno — cristina at 500 dot co

You can view a past agenda from the MENA Tour 2015 here

Start by filling out an application form by hitting the red "APPLY NOW" button in the navigation bar above. Spaces are limited — and, for the record, we can be bribed.

Once an applicant has been selected, s/he will receive a confirmation email outlining next steps and other important information.

Read about it under "HOST" section or download the PDF information doc HERE. Contact Cristina at 500 dot co for any questions

GOAP tours typically range from $14,000 – $16,000** per Geek, which covers the registration fee, hotel stay, ground transportation, events & activities, drivers, guides, tips, taxes, some meals and really bad jokes from our resident curmudgeon, Dave McClure, over the mic. Flights are NOT included in this. **Cost subject to change based on location of the trip & costs associated.

We book hotel stay, but we give Geeks the freedom to book their own flights. That said, we do suggest booking the same flights as Dave McClure

See the navigation bar at the top of this page? Click the bright red “APPLY NOW” button & an application form will auto-magically appear in a new window. Remember to keep your eyes on your own application, and if you outsource your answers to someone more clever—we will know.

This is a trick question. You really (secretly!) want to ignore your responsibilities during the trip and blame us for your M.I.A. status—right? That’s cool.

We realize a two-week journey is a big commitment, and the world doesn’t stop while a GOAP trip is underway. That said, we understand the need to take care of personal/business matters while on the trip, and we do not prohibit Geeks from attending to such matters, as needed. The only thing we ask is that you try to schedule personal/business time during our social activities vs. during the planned events of the tour.

The first step in combating an addiction is acknowledging the problem, but—good news! You can delay that struggle (for now), as we make sure WiFi is available in all hotels and at many GOAP event locations.

Great! We love questions. No, really. We do.

For more info, contact Cristina Manno — cristina at 500 dot co.

For press inquiries, contact Kelsey Cullen — kelsey at 500 dot co.