[Re]Think:Hawaii – Oct 18-20, 2010


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From October 18-20 we’re creating an intersection again – inviting a diverse group of entrepreneurs together who might otherwise never cross-paths – in the certainty that they’ll connect, share and learn from one another in Hawaii.

At its core, the 3 days is about connecting entrepreneurs via a series of shared experiences and an aloha style exchange of ideas and relationship building in Hawaii.

We’re all geeks and entrepreneurs, many of who have traveled on GeeksOnAPlane who come from sectors such as tech, media, entertainment, food and social good. We all have our passions and our interests. At our best, we define ourselves more by the ideas we share and the impact we want to make rather than the business cards we carry.

At [Re]Think: Hawaii 2010, a group of great people will be retreating from their day to day environment and spend a few days connecting, sharing, learning and developing relationships in Honolulu.

a few special invited guest entrepreneurs include:

Larry Namer – Founder, E! Entertainment

Robert Michael Murray – VP, Social Media, National Geographic

Gary Wang – Founder/CEO, Tudou.com

Shaherose Charania – Founder, Women 2.0

…more speakers to be confirmed soon. With a few surprises. All amazing people! :)


Monday: Connecting

11:00am- 5:00pm
Hawaii International Film Festival (Ongoing. Visit HIFF.org)

5:00pm – 6:30pm
Happy Hour (Location TBA)

7:00pm – 9:00pm
Nonstop Honolulu Dish Crawl (included in pass or $45 for event only)

  • Co-organized by Nonstop Honolulu
  • Geeks & Foodies Connecting Over Great Local Food
  • Two Restaurants + One Local Bar

Tuesday: Rethinking

[re]think: Hawaii Speaker Series (included in pass or $75 for event only)

Speakers Include:

  • Tech Startup Founders
  • Leaders in Sustainability
  • Innovators and Inventors
  • Celebrity Chefs
  • World Champion Surfer
  • Community Leaders

12:30pm-2:00pm Lunch (included)

HIFF Interactive: Gary Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Tudou (included)

  • Introduction to the evolution of online meda in China
  • War of Internet Addiction, winner Tudou Video Festival 2010

5:00pm-7:00pm Dinner – (Optional) Free Time

[re]think: Hawaii — Private After Party (included in pass or $75)

Wednesday: Experiencing

Share Your Table presents A Sustainable Breakfast at Town (Included in Pass or $25)

  • Introduction to Ed Kenney and Town’s Sustainability Concept
  • Learn About Hawaii’s Locally Grown Efforts
  • Connect With Local Leaders In Food and Sustainability Movements

Hawaii-Aloha.com and Zozi Present Activities Around The Island (Optional)

  • Pacific Aviation Tour
  • Drive Around Oahu
  • Local Food Tour
  • Surfing & Paddle Board Lessons
  • Honolulu Marathon Training

5:00pm-7:00pm Dinner (Optional)

7:30pm-10:00pm Cirque Du Soleil – Alegria (Optional)

How much will this cost?

At your own cost. Really great deals right now for Oct 18-20
For bootstrapping startup entrepreneurs (like many of us going) there are some amazing airfare deals for about $380 to Honolulu right now from Los Angeles and San Francisco. We’ve secured really nice Waikiki hotel rooms for only $100/night. When you share them with a friend it’s very affordable. Consider flying in Oct 18th and catching the red eye flight back on Oct 20th. That gives you 2 nights stay and 3 days of the conference. Those invited will get an email with our travel partner’s details to be booked with the group.

[re]think: Hawaii Events & Pass

Early Bird Pass – $195 (before Oct. 4)
Regular Pass – $250
*Pass includes:
Nonstop Honolulu Dish Crawl Dinner, [re]think Speaker Series Conference + Lunch, One HIFF Screening, Private After Party, Share Your Table Breakfast.

Events will also be available separately to keep it flexible for everyone’s schedule and budget.

There are only 30 passes available for this retreat.

Why are we doing this? Who do we think we are?

This retreat is a no-profit effort co-organized by a group of entrepreneurs (ironic, yes) out of a desire to bring good people together from our diverse networks. We do it for the people and the friendship and business relationships that have organically developed over time. We also think in all the day to day hustle, we sometimes need a break to rethink things that help recharge us when we get back to the day to day. That’s the power of time off.

Don’t ask us what the ROI is. It’s different for everyone. Ask anyone you know who’s attended a GOAP or [re]think and they’ll tell you. Or just take a few days off in October and see for yourself.

Most of the attendees are GeeksOnAPlane, [re]think: Hawaii and [re]think: Shanghai alumni and their friends. It’s invite only because we’ve got limited space and want to make sure a good group of like minded people can connect.

Please request an invite asap!

If you’re interested in supporting an entrepreneur and/or sponsoring an event, please contact shuchi@rethinkhawaii.com

click here to request an invite

Previous attendees of [re]think Hawaii and Shanghai include a nice mix of amazing entrepreneurs such as:

Dave McClure, 500Startups
Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter
Christine Lu, Affinity China
Dan Martell, Flowtown
Mark Suster, GRP Ventures
Jason Putorti, Bessemer
Danie Gruneberg, Zozi
Rick Calvert, BlogWorld
Dan Olsen, YourVersion
Neenz Faleafine, TEDxHonolulu
Leah Lamb, Current TV
Chris Noble, Cause Media Group
Kaiser Kuo, Baidu
Jill Buck, Go Green Initiative
Chris Pirillo, Gnomedex
Mike Butcher, TechCrunch
Dean Gardner, Crossover Capital
Joyce Kim, Soompi
Beth Blecherman, Techmama
Robert Michael Murray, National Geographic
Kris Krug, Static Photography
Elliott Ng, Venture Sprout