Southeast Asia

Next Trip: July 13-26, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines

We’ll explore the tech/startup ecosystems in:

  • Singapore – The gateway to Asia, Singapore is a hub for high-flying investors & executives, and a strategic base for entrepreneurs looking to build bridges for funding, partnerships, and customers.  This island state has one of the highest ARPU’s in the region @ $35.40 and over $7M spent online annually.
  • Bangkok, Thailand – Some call it “the land of smiles,” we call it “the land of explosive social media growth.”  With a population of 70M+ people and 11.5M+ tourists annually, Thailand leads the charts for Instagram & Foursquare, has 7M Facebook users and is the biggest online gaming market in Southeast Asia (forecasted to reach $132M by 2014).
  • Jakarta, Indonesia – Indonesia is a beast–with a seem-busting population of 250 million people and 40 million internet users, it’s a massive anchor in Southeast Asia’a growing tech market.  It’s also a mobile behemoth with a 92% penetration rate and has become the worlds fourth-largest mobile phone market.
  • Manila, Philippines – The Philippines are credited with being the “texting capital of the world.”  With 35 million cell phone users, anywhere from 350 million to 400 million SMS messages are sent every day – more than the number sent by the United States and Europe combined.

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