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GeeksOnaPlane East Asia 2010 (videos)

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Here are four great videos from our GeeksOnaPlane tour of East Asia, 2010:

Christine Lu, Shanghai

Kris Krug, Beijing

Francine Hardaway, Korea

Dave McClure, Singapore

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GeeksOnaPlane Asia 2010 Kickoff in Shanghai

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

The GeeksOnaPlane East Asia 2010 tour took off from San Francisco on Friday afternoon, with 16 geeks in tow. After a brief layover in Korea at Incheon International Airport (thx Asiana Airlines for the red carpet treatment at the business lounge), we arrived in Shanghai at Pudong Airport on Saturday evening. We then quickly became GeeksOnaBus, as we piled into our shuttle and drove over to the Courtyard Marriott Shanghai Xiujiahui to meet the rest of our #goap crew… now over 40 geeks strong!

GeeksOnaPlane Shanghai (May 2010)

Sunday morning all of the geeks met in the lobby to prepare for a big day at Shanghai World Expo. A few of us broke off from the main group to attempt a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who also happened to be in Shanghai at the same time (we think she was stalking us, but we decided to play it cool). We were in luck — HRC adjusted her busy schedule to give us a few minutes for a photo opp, as well as the chance to pitch her on the StartupVisa Movement (which she thought was a great idea). In addition to Sec. Clinton, we also got to meet US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr and US Consul General of Shanghai Beatrice Camp.

Hillary Rodham Clinton & GoaP

After chasing down half the US State Department, we joined the rest of the geeks for an “East Meets West” blogger meet up at the Expo USA Pavilion, where more than 60 nerds from the USA and China got together to tweet, blog, and photograph each other into infinity and beyond. The GoaP crew then disbursed itself into multiple groups throughout the expo to checkout multiple country pavilions, and many of us also took a stroll along The Bund, overlooking the Huangpu River.

After a long day of walking all over Shanghai, the entire 60-geek strong crew re-assembled for dinner at Table No.1, a trendy new restaurant that just opened at the Waterhouse Hotel. Dinner was absolutely fabulous, and everyone had a wonderful time (clearly evidenced in the photo above taken by Kris Krug).

Next up tomorrow: ReThink Shanghai !!!

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GeeksOnaPlane December 2009 – Tokyo

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

The GoaP crew just landed in Tokyo yesterday and here are some events we will be going to for the week:

GeeksOnaPlane Tokyo Winter 2009

Come join us if you are in the area and get in touch @davemcclure or @cmccann7

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Summary GeeksOnaPlane DC/Europe 2009

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

GeeksOnaPlane DC/Europe Fall 2009 is over; here are cities & events we visited:

London (Seedcamp) | Amsterdam | Berlin | Prague | Paris | London (FoWA)

[9/17: Fly from West Coast To Washington, DC]

9/18-19: Washington DC

big ben final9/21-23: LondonSeedCamp Week

Amsterdamtrainfinal9/24-25: AmsterdamPicnic Conference, Ignite

Berlinatnight final9/26-27: Berlin — Startup2Startup Brunch

prague castle final

9/28-9/29: PragueSTARTonomics, Startup2Startup Dinner & Ignite

4372799/29-9/30: ParisIgnite, Startup2Startup

10/01-02:big ben finalLondonFuture of Web Apps

[10/3: Fly from London to USA]

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Interview: Osama Bedier, PayPal + Announcing PayPal X Innovate conf (Nov 3-4, SF)

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

As were wrapping up the GeeksOnaPlane trip at Future of Web Apps / London, we caught up with Osama Bedier, PayPal VP Product Development.

Osama gave us an overview of the new PayPal Adaptive Payments API, and talks about how web developers can use PayPal web services to create and integrate new payment applications and web services.

You can find out more about PayPal Adaptive Payments at their upcoming PayPal X Innovate developer conference, coming up Nov 3-4 in San Francisco (tip: register using code “500HATSOFF to get a discount!)

Here is the video below (sorry, audio is a bit rough):

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A Silicon Valley Geek in Obama's Court(yard)

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Guest post by Leonard Speiser, founder and CEO of Twables

“This room is kinda round, oh wait, is this the Oval Office?”

Yes, I am that clueless, but I can explain.  Sorta.

I had the honor of accompanying fellow GeeksOnaPlane attendee John Anderson on a tour of the West Wing.  The only way to see the West Wing is to be escorted by someone who works there, which John’s friend from high school just happens to do.

West Wing

We entered through a side entrance, the walls were decorated with huge photos of activity at the White House.  These photos are rotated regularly and give the historic building a modern, frenetic feel.  They make you feel like you are right in the middle of all the action.  There are a lot of narrow hallways with these photos but everything feels very narrow and small.  We see the dining room (run by the Navy) which is elegant but also very small. We casually pass by the door to the Situation Room, I almost don’t even notice it.  No hand, retinal or DNA scanners on that door, I’m shocked.  John peppers his friend with questions at every turn.

“What’s that?”
“That’s where the Vice President works.”
“Oh.  What’s that?”
“I’m not sure, maybe a broom closet.”

We try to go out to the Rose Garden, but it is blocked off.  We see a dog being trained in the Garden, it is Bo and the dog just pulled rank on us.  We wander over to the room that the Cabinet meets in.  They’ve met three times since the changing of the guard.  This room pretty much looks like the one in the movie Dave, but everything feels smaller than I imagined.  What I notice most is that all the rooms are so close to each other.  A few steps later we are looking at the Roosevelt room.  The room is nice but quite simple.   A big table dark hardwood dining style table in the center is surrounded by a few flags and some side tables.  Teddy Roosevelt’s Nobel Peace Prize is hanging on the wall.  John and his friend turn around and start looking at another room.  I finish my look at the Roosevelt Room and join them.  A bust of MLK sits on a side table.  There is a large desk with nothing but a phone on it and two couches face each other.  There is a presidential seal on the ceiling.  The room isn’t that large.  And then I realize the room is circular in shape.

Wait a minute… “is this the Oval Office?”

It is.


More questions from John.

“Does the President use a computer?”
“Yes, there is a small private office next to the Oval Office where he works on his computer, and he uses it frequently.”
“Is that also where the bathroom is?”

We walk through the official entry way of the West Wing, and see the famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware.  Then out to the Press Room.  Also it is very tight in this room.  At the back of the room there are three camera men on call should they need to do an emergency broadcast.  More questions from John.

“What are those for?” [Pointing to a square of LEDs.  Yes we are geeks]

“Those are lights, they fill the room with natural looking light and they emit almost no heat.  They are very expensive but they last forever.”

One of the camera men has been doing this for twenty plus years and recounts being in the middle of so many world changing events.  Listening to him I finally realize I’m in a special place.  Not the Oval Office, the camera man did that.

I suppose what most impressed me with my tour of the West Wing was just how modest it felt.  The White House is, at the end of the day, a cozy and simple house not unlike a very nice Bed & Breakfast (but with a button to launch a nuclear arsenal).  The rooms were uncluttered, classic, and quite small.  The security guards were knowledgeable, friendly, and very casual.  I suppose it was this casual feel that threw me off the most.  Visit London, Paris, or other seats of power and everything feels so huge, formal and regal.  But even through 200 years the White House somehow retains the same feel that I can only imagine the “common” colonial exuded.  Despite our position amongst other nations, our leaders work in a place that says, “We are still just citizens like everyone else.”

It’s funny, but this made the West Wing more impressive than all the palaces of the world.

presidential seal

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Online Games Dominate Beijing Startonomics

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

By Tina Tran

Frank Yu, China game analyst at Gamasutra and COO of Shouji, rocked the house in Beijing today as he gave an overview of the China games industry to attendees of Startonomics Beijing. In China the game industry is 10 years old and dominated by the PC market, where anything with a keyboard is popular.

Though there are many differences between the US and China games market, the one that stands out most is China’s ability to massively monetize games.  Tencent, a leading Chinese web portal, social network and game developer, famously announced revenue of over $1 billion earlier this year, much of it coming from their avatar service.

From a cultural perspective, the One Child policy in China greatly impacts the way the Chinese interact with games. People play games in China because they are lonely and games offer an easy and relatively cheap escape into a highly active fantasy world. Games are much more than a form of entertainment. Aditionally, in China, games are made with a strong focus on audience behavior, so much so that there are a lot of games in China made for one-handed play — so people can smoke while playing!

View today’s game presentations below.

Online Games: The Coming Chinese Wave

View more Microsoft Word documents from Geeks on a Plane.
Social Games: 5 Minutes

View more Microsoft Word documents from Geeks on a Plane.

China Mobile Online Games Market Overview

View more Microsoft Word documents from Geeks on a Plane.

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