Press Coverage

Date Publication Article
01/05/16 Re/Code 5,000 Geeks, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators Came to Cairo to Change the Middle East and the World
12/16/15 Dubai News Geeks on a Plane visit Dubai
12/13/15 Forbes Why Microsoft, Uber And 500 Startups Went To Downtown Cairo
04/12/15 Bahrain News Agency First Pre-money Mena Investor Conference in Bahrain
11/13/14 Journal Online Smart, Ideaspace bring ‘Geeks on a Plane’ Silicon Valley tech experts to Manila
06/27/13 TechCrunch Malaysia Is Poorly Marketed To Entrepreneurs, Says 500 Durians’ Khailee Ng
05/17/13 BangkokStartup Bangkok hosts Dave McClure and Khailee Ng from Geeks on a Plane
03/16/13 TNW News 500 Startups’ Geeks On A Plane tour is coming to Southeast Asia for the first time in June
03/18/13 VentureBurn 500 Startups takes ‘Geeks on a Plane’ tour to exciting Southeast Asia
05/26/12 SF Gate Angel Investor Looks for Startups Around the Globe
05/24/12 Business Week Geeks on a Plane Search for Startups
05/22/12 CNN ‘Geeks on a Plane’ Flocks to Brazil
05/14/12 GigaOM A preacher, 500 startups, and a dream to change it all
10/21/11 ZDNet Asian entrepreneurs no longer ‘Copy Cats’
05/16/11 The Next Web 10 Latin America Startups You Should Watch Out For
05/09/11 Huffington Post Chile Edging Up to America as Startup Haven
05/07/11 La Nacion Un encuentro porteño con la elite digital
05/07/11 Startup – Ideas Sell your startup and move to Brazil #goap
05/05/11 Start-up Chile Chile’s President meets with Start-Up Chile Entrepreneurs
05/04/11 Fast Company Brazilian Startup Scene Fired Up In Sao Paulo
04/28/11 Época Negócios Investidores americanos montam “caravana” para conhever mercado online do Brasil
04/20/11 Economia Grupo de “50 nerds” vem ao Brasil atrás de negócios em tecnologia
09/26/10 TechCrunch Dave McClure's First Investment In China: ChinaNetCloud (TCTV)
09/02/10 TechCrunch When Geeks Attack, Shanghai Edition (TCTV)
09/16/10 TechCrunch Geeks On A Plane's Eye On Asia: Beijing & Seoul Editions (TCTV)
09/16/10 TechCrunch GeeksOnaPlane Eye On Asia: Beijing & Seoul Editions (TechCrunch TV)
06/13/10 TechCrunch GeeksOnaPlane in Japan: IVS Sapporo & Japanese Startup Demos
05/30/10 TechCrunch Learnings From China: GeeksOnAPlane at GMIC & CHINICT (Beijing)
05/28/10 CRI English China Hosts Top Mobile Developers
05/26/10 TechCrunch GeeksOnAPlane Gets Crash Course On Asia Internet Market (Shanghai)
05/21/10 Meet 5 of China’s biggest ‘geeks’
05/20/10 NJN Network Geeks on a plane to Shanghai
05/20/10 Geeks on a Plane: Shanghai geeks out
05/05/10 The Montreal Gazette CEO has a schedule that is up in the air
05/13/10 TechCrunch Infinity Ventures Summit In Sapporo: 11 Demos From Japanese Startups (GeeksOnAPlane Final Stop)
05/01/10 TechCrunch GeeksOnAPlane In Korea: 12 Demos From Local Startups
12/24/09 TechCrunch Japan Startup Weekend Tokyo (summary)
12/20/09 What’s Happening in Japan Right Now? Entrepreneurship in Japan & Startup Weekend Tokyo (long)
12/16/09 TechCrunch Japan Startup Weekend Tokyo meets Geeks on a Plane
11/06/09 Current Green (Current.TV) The Gamers are Here to Save the Planet!
11/01/09 GeeksOnaPlane take off for [re]think Hawaii
09/28/09 ReadWriteWeb (FR) Ignite spécial Geeks on a Plane le 29 septembre
09/24/09 O’Reilly Radar GeeksOnaPlane Heads to Berlin & Prague
09/23/09 The Guardian (UK) ‘You Will FAIL.’ and other Lessons of SeedCamp
09/20/09 TechCrunch GeeksOnaPlane Gets Political in DC
09/19/09 MIT Technology Review (Brad Feld) @2Gov and the Founders Visa Movement
09/10/09 Taipei Times Asian social networking sites profit from virtual money
06/16/09 Shanghaiist Socially responsible geeks converge on Shanghai
06/14/09 TechCrunch GeeksOnAPlane: Chinese Tech Briefing At Startonomics Beijing
06/04/09 CNReviews Geeks On A Plane: Coming To China On 11th June!
05/14/09 TechCrunch Tour Asia With GeeksOnaPlane, Meet Half The World’s Internet Users